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Information Technology (IT) decisions for most businesses in the small to medium enterprise sector (SME) i.e. 50-200 staff, or even larger where IT is not core to the business, are often not driven by the businesses strategy but by short term point requirements, by technical staff who have no insight into the company’s strategic direction or by suppliers which are motivated by their own interests.

In addition, many of these businesses cannot afford the services of an experienced fulltime Chief Information or Technology Officer (CIO/CTO) who’s insight and contribution will help them avoid many of the common IT related pitfalls and to build and drive their business. It is safe to say the majority of companies in the SME sector have no way to measure the relevance and performance of the IT and related services that they are receiving.

Opportunity and Solution: Amalgam IT Partners

Amalgam IT Partners provides open, honest, experienced, independent and impartial CIO & CTO services on a shared basis by providing a ‘CIO on call’ to represent its customers publically in the role and to help them to ensure that their IT strategy is driven by their business strategy and not the other way round.

Amalgam provides insight and guidance where decisions would have otherwise been made by best effort, by leveraging the skills, experience and unique end-to-end business view that it has, to drive business strategy and growth.

Amalgam has no vested interests and no preferred suppliers and it concentrates on understanding what a business’ strategy is and how its IT function can and should support it through a focus on operational excellence, IT/business alignment and process transformation in order to allow the business to pursue innovation for competitive advantage.

Unless specifically requested, Amalgam also does not directly oversee or manage a customer’s technical systems as we believe that this is best left to those in-house staff who understand the company’s immediate IT requirements. Ideally we participate in all IT decision making processes, up to executive level, that relate to realisation of the business value of an IT function.

The core competencies embraced by Amalgam IT Partners include:

  • Strategic Orientation – to help the business to think long-term, by leveraging business awareness through critical analysis and the integration of information to develop an action- oriented plan to deliver competitive differentiation and success
  • Results Orientation – to focus on improving business results
  • Commercial Orientation – to assist in identifying and seizing opportunities to increase profit and revenue
  • Market Knowledge – to assist in understanding the market, including competitors, suppliers, customer base and regulatory environment
  • External Customer Impact – serving, building and managing value-added relationships and expectations with customers and clients as a representative member of the company executive
  • Collaboration and Influence – by working effectively with others, including internal customers, to have a positive influence on the business performance and to properly position and communicate the value of the IT function.
  • Human Capital Management and Organisational Development – to assist with the staffing and selection process for the long-term development of the capabilities of others and the organisation as a whole
  • Change Leadership – assisting with the transforming and aligning of a client organisation through its people, to drive for improvement in whatever new and challenging direction has been identified
  • Team Leadership – to assist with the delivery of focussed, aligned and effective groups within the organisation

The overall goal of Amalgam IT Partners is to assist clients to shift the focus from the costs of technology to realising the revenue earning potential that technology can unlock within their businesses.

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